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The Zap Gun

"Guitar torture beyond what Dave Davies could have ever imagined when he stuck those knitting needles into his speakers..."

"barely conscious, hardly self-conscious blitzkrieged blues..."

"...before you have a next thought you’re on the mystery train of this great song that is driven forth by elementary riffs that are still and will always be the big hairy balls of rock. "

"I might go so far as to suggest that I had soiled myself to the sound of these titans" - Byron Coley

"A throat sardined with vocal fold nodules lays it down over sweat drenched organ honks and dirt smokin' guitar coughs while the drums harass every lame-o that refuses to move their hips".

(Album review) "a buzzing, howling, makeup-smeared, acid-belching, piss drinking, leg dragging, hairy armpit of a convulsive record"

(7" Review) "exudes a drugged-out feel that evokes the final IGGY & THE STOOGES sessions, all fumes and attitude..."


"righteous r 'n' r caught somewhere between the Heartbreakers and Crime "

For the uninitiated, KK be the unrecorded, but soon to be darlings of the Oblivian mourning, Gories bleeding, Exile on Main Street multiple copy holding, bastards of the very good taste -Ken Derr - Letters from a Dying Town #13

...a heavy dose of prime Crypt-styled hate, but with the added bonus of melody and, dare I say it, soul. Ken Derr, Letters From a Dying Town #11