KILLER'S KISS "Gotta Lotta Love" (Blue Bus 7in) Ever since the likes of the Gories and the Oblivians first banged out their versions of Soul music tainted with trash can toxins gobs of others have fallen over their tongues and tripped over their toes trying to emulate it with their own take on the Rhythm-n-Blues receiving a punk rockin' lambasting. Some have succeeded in leaving lurid pockmarks in the brain but the ones that seem to never have that much luck are the bands based outta California. This record manage to scratch that idea out of my head. The tune "Gotta Lotta Love" is one goddamned of a salacious affair. A throat sardined with vocal fold nodules lays it down over sweat drenched organ honks and dirt smokin' guitar coughs while the drums harass every lame-o that refuses to move their hips. Flip it over to "Backslider" and as the opening riff first sounds like it's peeling the dead skin off the Cars "Good Times Roll" but that mind set is shattered by a the sound of mortar and bricks being demolished. Walking into the living room Killer's Kiss see through a cloud of thick cement dust that an old beat up Lincoln Mark IV has crashed through the wall and someone staggering around the wreck holding something to their head. They take a few steps closer and see that it's Ron Wood using the LP jacket to the Compulsive Gamblers "Crystal Gazing Luck Amazing" to sop up the blood running from his split open head. - Dale Merrill