(From Gearhead #13)

KILLER'S KISS S/T (Hook Or Crook)
I know the goods when I hear it, and these guys (and gal) are the
goods. Never mind that we have a connection to them (the bass player
is none other than our long time columnist Chas) that might make some
cry "nepotism!" I'm tellin' ya children, singer / guitarist Chris
Owen is as solid a songwriter as they come, in a league generally
reserved for folks with names like Greg Cartwright or Jon Spencer.
Taking trash rock to the next level, that's what Killer's Kiss is all
about. Sure there's gut wrenching screams, guitar torture beyond what
Dave Davies could have ever imagined when he stuck those knitting
needles into his speakers in 1964, and blasts of nitro fueled farfisa
that would make Booker T. Jones roll over in his grave, if he were
dead that is. But the melody, the heart and soul of these songs,
never suffers for any of that. This is not for those looking for
straight up 60's garage revival stuff (or for the weak of heart for
that matter) but if you like your raunch-n-roll served up raw and
real, this will easily be one of your favorite records this year.
(Mike LaVella)