10/23/09 Thee Parkside with Necessary Evils, Black Time, Golden Boys w. Greg Ashley. Wounded Lion (Budget Rock 8)
12/3/05   Hemlock w/Lamps, Pets, Top 10 (Chris's Birthday)
11/5/05   Bottom of the Hill w/ Detroit Cobras, Reigning Sound -
10/11/05   12 Galaxies w/ Willowz, The Time Flies
10/1/05   Subterranean (Chicago, IL) w/ Willowz, the Peelers, and Love Story in Blood Red - photos
9/30/05   Mainstage (Green Bay, WI) w/
9/29/05   Riverwest Commons (Milwaukee, WI) w/ Carbonas, Goodnight Loving, Amanda and the Twins
9/28/05   Painted Lady (Hamtramck, MI) - Photos
9/27/05   Cafe Bourbon Street (Columbus, OH)
9/26/05   Union ( Athens, OH) - Flyer
9/22/05   Gonerfest, Hi-Tone (Memphis, TN) - Photo
9/20/05   Beerland (Austin, TX) w/ Damn Town, Apeshits, Afterglow - poster
9/18/05   Vaudeville Caberet (Tucson, AZ) w/Human Eye, New Fangs
9/17/05   Tower Bar (San Diego) with New Fangs - Photos
9/16/05   Stork Club (Oakland) with Human Eye, The Pets, Lyme Regis
6/25/05   Echo Lounge (LA) w/ Starvations, Holy Kiss, Lord Have Mercy On Us
6/16/05   Hemlock (SF) w/ Leaving Trains - photo -
6/6/05   Bottom of the Hill w/ Legendary Stardust Cowboy, Spot 1019
4/21/05   Parkside W/ Demon's Claws, Dark Skies - Flyer
3/14/05   Bottom of the Hill (SF) w/ Guitar Wolf, The Husbands - Poster
3/11/05   ANTI MARKET, (LA) w/ Lamps, Hospitals, Guilty Hearts
1/29/05   Davis Indoor Sports Center (Davis, CA) w/ Peelander Z, The Sores
1/8/05   Parkside - w/ Catholic Boys,
10/21/04   Parkside - w/ Misteaters & Baseball Furies - Poster
10/1/04   Parkside - Budget Rock Weekend - Poster
9/25/04   Doubledown Saloon (Las Vegas) w/The Flakes, Okmoniks, Thee Fine Lines (Vegas Rockaround)- flyers - Photos
9/21/04   Bottom of the Hill (SF) w/ Destruction Unit, Battleship
8/20/04   Parkside w/Comets On Fire (CD Release), Gris Gris
8/01/04   Parkside - W/Lightnin' Malcom, Reigning Sound
7/28/04   Red Devil Lounge (SF) - Bands Against Bush benefit W/Graves Bros. Deluxe, Ebb & Flow
5/23/04   12 Galaxies (SF) - Broad Daylight SF Premiere w. The Buxotics, Kitten on the Keys, Burlesque performers.Flyer
5/5/04   Parkside with The Golden Dawn, The Sermon - Poster
3/19/04   Ivy Room (Albany) w/ The Lamps, Del Lames
3/13/04   Blank Club (San Jose) w/ The Spits, The Girls
3/5/04   Moods (Sacramento) w/SLA, Bodies in the Basement
2/21/04   Scene Bar (LA) w/ Lamps, Rock Goggle Fantasy - Flyer
2/18/04   Cafe Du Nord (sf) w/ Scramblers, Die Later Poster
2/16/04   Limnal Gallery (Oakland, CA) Show Print Poster Art Show w/ The Sermon
1/31/04   The Twilight (Portland) w/ The Touchers, The Cripples Photos
1/30/04   The Fun House (Seattle) with the Cripples, the Pulses & Leatherboy
1/29/04   International Club Mummy (Portland, OR) w/ The Buttfrenchers
1/26/04   Great American Music Hall (San Francisco) w/ The Dirtbombs, The Sights photos - Poster
1/18/04   Brookdale Lodge (Brookdale, CA) w/ Leah Quinelle All Stars
11/16/03   Bottom of The Hill (SF) w/ The Explosion, The Spits, Bottles & Skulls Flyer
11/08/03   Ivy Room (Albany, CA) W/ The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, Harold Ray Live in Concert
10/14/03   Parkside w/ Black Lips -- Poster
10/08/03   Stork Club (Oakland) w/ Little Killers, Gris Gris, East Side Suicides
10/03/03   Budget Rock Showcase - Parkside w/ Sermon, Scramblers, Nagg, Bodies In the Basement, Red Barons - Poster
9/26/03   Blank Club (San Jose) w/ The Epoxies, The Briefs
9/12/03   Bottom of the Hill (SF) w/ Mudhoney, Bob Log III -- Poster -- Photos
8/22/03   Stork Club (Oakland) W/The White Heat, Bodies in the Basement, Flour City Knuckleheads -- Flyer - Photos
7/31/03   Stork Club w/ FM Knives, Knockout Pills (Tuscon)
7/26/03   Peacock Lounge (SF) w/Hammerdown Turpentine, Mirrors, Po0ntang Wranglers - Flyer1 -Flyer2 -Photos
7/22/03   Parskide (SF) w/Immortal Lee County Killers, Coachwhips, Rock'n'Roll Soldiers
7/4/03   Parkside - Mike Lucas Birthday Party - w/Grave Bros. Deluxe, Poont@ng Wranglers - Photos
6/21/03   Juvee - Los Angeles, CA w/ The Phantom Surfers, The Lamps, Red Onions -- Photos

Double Down Saloon - Las Vegas, NV w/ The Lamps

4/18/03   Parkside w/ Flash Express, The Lamps
4/3/03   Stork Club (Oakland) w/Modey Lemon, Mirrors -- Flyer
3/14/03   Blank Club (San Jose) w/Camarosmith, Bodies in the Basement
3/7/03   Parkside w/ Nagg, Husbands
2/22/03   Tempest w/ Del Lames, Rock & Roll Adventure Kids
2/16/03   Bottom of the Hill w/ The Makers, The Please(d)
2/01/03   Sunset Tavern (Seattle) w/A-Frames, Viva L'American Death Ray
1/31/03   Ash Street Saloon (Portland) w/ Viva L'American Death Ray, Starantula, Hunches
1/30/03   Parkside w/Viva L'American Death Ray, Cuts
1/24/03   The Box (Santa Cruz) w/ Comets On Fire, Medicine Fuck Dream, Loyal Sons & Daughters
1/15/03   330 Ritch (SF) w/ Jimmy Flame & the Sexy Boys
Hemlock Tavern (SF) with The Cripples
Tempest (SF) with The Easys
Kleidon's (San Jose) w/ SLA, Bodies in the Basement - Flyer
330 Ritch (SF) w/ Deadly Weapons, Tramps, Fabulous Disaster - Flyer
10/18/02   Bottom of the Hill (SF) w/ Dead Moon, The Sermon

Budget Rock Showcase (SF) w/ Comets on Fire, Thee Flying Dutchmen, The Maybellines, The Ghosts, Red Barons, Sir Dance A Lot - Poster

Gearfest - Emo's (Austin, TX) w/ Turbo AC's, Hard Feelings, Total Sound Group, Direct Action Committee, The Vacancies - Poster
Sound Exchange(Austin, TX) with Deadites
Beerland (Austin) w/ Attack Formation, Ghost of John Brown -- Flyer -- Photo
Bar of Soap (Dallas) w/ Feast of Snakes
  Tacoland (San Antonio) w/Loaded
Vaudeville (Tuscon) w/ Swing Ding Amigos
The Garage (Los Angeles) w/ Red Planet
Parkside w/ Ghosts, Jipsters
Parkside w/ Black Keys - Poster


Hemlock (SF) w/ Ghosts


Parkside w/ Pram Bath
  Edinburgh Castle (SF) w/ The Cashiers, Radio Reelers



Sleazefest West (SF) with Deadbolt, The Dogs,The Controllers, The Lazy Cowgirls, Sons of Hercules, Lords of Altamont, The Roofies, Jimmy & the Teasers, Buzz Sawyer - Poster

Parkside with Forty-Fives

Parkside (SF) with Greenhornes - Photo


Bottom of the Hill w/ Detroit Cobras, Lazy Cowgirls

Cafe du Nord w/ Now Time Delegation, Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her -- Photo