We got written up in Music Connection - a free paper for bands in LA. Of course, nobody remembered to actually get a copy of the paper, so we had to recreate the article below from something that used to be on their Web site...

Issue 22, 2002.


Photo By: Sarah Torribio-Bond
Killer's Kiss: High-energy, low-fi punk with infectious energy.
Killer's Kiss
The Garage

Contact: Hot Line, 415-407-5795

The Players: Chris Owen, vocals,guitar; Jen Hale, organ; Jeremy Meyers, lead guitar; Chas Glynn, bass; Ian McClean, drums

Material: Killer's Kiss is a talented quintet that blends punk and retro-rock in an exuberant jam-fest. In short three-minute assaults, vocalist Chris Owen roars over driving rhythms, Sixties-style organ freak-outs, and three-chord riffs paired with a searing lead guitar. The lyrics are simple - one song's chorus simply consists of Owen repeatedly screaming, "Baby tell me what you want." The result, however, is effective for its sheer, layered noise and power.

Musicianship: Owen is an able guitarist and packs a hiccupy punk-rock shout that sounds like a cross between the Big Bopper and the Cramps' Lux Interior. Jen Hale plays meandering organ in the style of Sixties bands like the Yardbirds while guitarist Jeremy Meyers enjoys forays into feedback frenzy and rockabilly madness. Drummer Ian McClean is an especially taught and steady drummer whose rhythms are complemented by Chas Glynn's warm bass lines.

Performance: Owen, a tall baby-faced blonde, closed his eyes and screamed, as he sweated with abandon. Unfortunately, his words were sometimes drowned by the band's enormous wall of sound. As Killer's Kiss has only been together for a mere eight months, it is likely that the band will solve this sonic glitch with time and practice. Despite this problem, the band still gave a vibrant performance. Meyers, decked out in a country-western dress shirt, was especially showman-like as he writhed and shook with the force of the band's groove.
Summary: Fans of high-energy, low-fi punk will really enjoy Killer's Kiss live. This powerhouse of a band obviously relishes making music and their infectious energy is instantly catching.

--Sarah Torribio-Bond